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merging 2 selected nodes into 1 node

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Is it possible to merging two or more selected nodes into 1 node (all nodes belong to one curve)? This is a very important issue for me - I use such functionality incessantly (Inkscape, Blender 3d, Corel Draw). Nowhere can I find how to do it at Affinity.

thank you for the remarks

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Hi Justyna and Welcome to the Forums,

As far as i'm aware it not possible to Merge nodes that are part of the same curve.  You could manually move a node over the top of another, but you'd still have two nodes, you just wouldn't be able to see the other one. You could use the Alignment options to align the selected nodes and then zoom in and delete the unneeded ones.

I'll get this moved over to Feature Requests as i can see how it would be beneficial, esp when working with a lot of nodes.

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Thank you for your response. 

Indeed, it would be good to be able to combine several nodes into one. For now for me Affinity Designer does not have such good functionality in working on curves as other programs. I hope that this will change, for now I am still preparing curves on Inkscape.

It would be good if it was possible to change the elements painted with brushes into curves and creating brushes from your own curves.

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