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Create Outlines / Embed Fonts / French Accents

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Is there a way to "Create Outlines" on text in Affinty?  I'm new to Affinity Designer and have been using Illustrator for many years and while the interface on this is really good, it seems to be missing a crucial component that is required when preparing to send my work for output.  My instructions are to:

  • Embed/outline the fonts: When saving your file as a PDF, choose the option to embed the fonts. Even better send us a version of the file with all fonts outlined.

However, despite having the "Embed fonts" checked off in the "Advanced" tax that appears when saving as a PDF, apparently that is not enough.  I have just wasted a load of money on work that did not come out correctly.  In particular, everywhere I have used a letter with a French accent aigu (É) the letter has come out incorrectly sized and pressed up against it's neighbour.  How do I rectify this for my next output?

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1 hour ago, Francophile said:

BofG: I see neither a "context" menu, nor a "create outlines" option anywhere, nor an option to "create outlines".

The "context" menu isn't labelled as such, it's simply the area above the drawing space. It shows different buttons depending on what is selected. When you have text selected, the button you want is near the top right of the screen. As noted by v_kyr, it's called 'convert to curves', I had it wrong before. If you cannot see the button then just use the 'layers' menu from the top of the screen as suggested above.

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4 hours ago, Francophile said:

BofG: I see neither a "context" menu, nor a "create outlines" option anywhere, nor an option to "create outlines".

But the OP's context toolbar might not even be activated.

@Francophile if you're still not seeing all the tool specific controls people are talking about go to the View dropdown and make sure Show Context Toolbar is checked.

Another possibility is that sometimes there are enough options listed in the C toolbar that some flow off to the right. Look for this symbol ">>" which indicates that there is more to see. In terms of text, Convert to Curves is listed last and often times hidden out there.

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