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Could someone explain the dynamics of symbols and what causes detachment?

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Hi all, I've started digging into Affinity Designer to design a board game and feel like it's behavior is inconsistent, or maybe I don't know how to use the tools.

I am working on a board game, and currently working on cards.

I have an Artboard that contains a layout for a card type, and within that board is the card background which is a Symbol, that contains shapes. I've pasted multiple instances of the card background Symbol onto another Artboard (for printing), which is where I overlay the card text and values.

When building some iconography for the card, I have two icons that I Group together, and then make another Symbol.

When I drag that symbol into the card background Symbol, it does not update the other instances of the symbol. However, if I ungroup the iconography symbol, the card background symbol updates with the icons, and the iconography Symbol updates in the Symbol browser as empty. I just don't understand the behavior. Can Groups not be symbols? I really need the Group to stay intact, because I want the distances of that iconography symbol to be persisted across all the cards.

I've uploaded a movie to help with the issue.


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Hi LucasKA,

Welcome to the forums :)

Thanks for your video and description of your issue, this is very useful.

The issue you've raised is a known bug in the current version of Affinity and this has been fixed in our latest 1.7 beta! I recommend downloading it from the link below, creating a copy of your .afdesign file (as files aren't backwards compatible once opened in the beta!) and trying this there.


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