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[Fixed] Perspective live filter rendering errors

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The perspective live filter doesn't render properly. I've moved the corners of an image so that they match the position where the embedded image should be placed in the outer image. While that generally does work, parts of the embedded image become invisible at certain zoom levels. It looks like AP partitions the embedded image into rectangular blocks with vertical and horizontal edges. Some of these blocks are missing when zooming in. On every zoom level, different blocks are missing and not rendered.

This makes it hard to paint a layer mask at the edges of the embedded image with changed perspective. Sometimes when I have the mask layer activated and a brush with black colour, when hovering parts of the image, other random (but not too far away) areas show similar rendering errors. I believe this comes from the preview nature of the brush outline, which also affects the perspective filter layer rendering.

Affinity Photo on Windows 10.1709 x64 (Windows Store installation)

CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 with embedded GPU

Demonstration video

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Looks good. I couldn't find any such errors at numerous zoom levels. Thank you.

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