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New Noise Reduction increases developing time

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after some inversigation I found out, that the new Noise Reduction algorithm increases the develoging time more than three times (on my machine):

#135: 4 seconds (default setting)

#243: 13.5 seconds (default setting)

also the new Lens Correction and the Lens Remove Vignette increases a bit the developing time. Without any settings the developing time is nearly the same:

#135: bit less than 4 seconds

#243: bit more than 4 seconds

Is there any chance to improve this in the future or enable to toggle between the new and old noise reduction algorithm?

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I can confirm this.
In Beta .243 with a noise reduction of 87% (only for testing) it needs ~18 seconds on my machine for developing and the speed of the cpu fan goes up
In the current stable Version it needs with the same settings ~ 4 seconds and the speed of the cpu fan goes also up.
The File is a Nikon NEF with resoution of 6000 x 4000px, 23 MB.
Ok, this are two very different developing engines and in the new one the results are much better, but maybe you can improve that with the speed in the future?

Have a nice day.
Ich wünsche einen schönen Tag.

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Opening raw files in 1.7 should be much quicker than in 1.6 but development is slower if noise correction is applied. With noise correction, 1.7 is still faster than 1.6 (for me).

These are my results:

1.7 with Noise correction
Open: 4 seconds
Develop: 18 seconds

1.7 without Noise correction
Open: 4 seconds 
Develop: 5 seconds

1.6 with Noise correction
Open: 12 seconds
Develop: 6 seconds

1.6 without Noise correction
Open: 5 seconds
Develop: 2 seconds


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I meant it's faster at opening in 1.7... 4 seconds compared to the 12 in 1.6. Sorry I didn't make myself clear!

The overall time for opening and developing is slower in 1.7 though. 22 seconds compared to 18 in 1.6.

So really, I'm agreeing with you that that actual development side is slower.

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