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OSX 10.10.3 kills printing ?

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Hi Guys & Gals,


Today I updated my Macs to 10.10.3 as this would improve the general behavior under Yosemite and some more things.

Just as a gazillion others out there I downloaded and installed the update.


Now as I work on my business card in AD and have it nearly finished, I want to see how it will look on paper.

Especially handy to see if the sizes I picked for the text is big enough to be readable...kinda obligated for a business card ;).


So earlier this week I was able to print out my design and see the card in it's actual size.

Now after the 10.10.3 update I see the system go through all the motions...preparing the document, sending it to the printer, communicating with the printer and finishing the job.


Nice....but euhm...there is no paper coming out of the printer , the printer queue remains empty, nothing happens at all at the printer-side of this.  Only when I export the design to a PDF can I send it to the printer and get an actual print out of it.



So to me it seems that 10.10.3 has killed the output from AD to paper somehow, even though  - as stated - it goes through the motions, you do not get anything on actual paper. Very weird as nothing has changed her in hardware or network, only the osx update.


By the way, I tested this on two systems, a Mac Mini and a MacBook Pro, both same results with the design.

( Can it be something in the design doing this ? )



Anyone else experiencing similar oddities ?


Anyone care to suggest an option to solve this.



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Printing from AP (not AD) with 10.10.3 on a MacBookPro (9,2) is working fine for me.  Can you try printing something from the AP (download the beta if you don't already have it) as a first step in debugging.  

Retina iMac (4K display, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM) OS X 10.11.6  Capture One 10.


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