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I am sure that this may have been mentioned to date, though I've not seen it.

As has been mentioned regarding other "it would be nice if ..." issues, I thought it would be helpful and quite useful if users had the ability to name each BRUSH OVERLAY applied to an image during the DEVELOP PERSONA process.

In a recent image, I ran into this disadvantage full force with the experience of having four such overlays, yet was unable to identify which on I was looking to delete. Sure ... it can be done with some difficulty and clunky "hit and miss" efforts, but why not make the process a bit more streamlined with the advantage of being able to identify such "layers" by giving each its own name. Given the effort it takes to get the exact appearance one is striving for already consumes focus ... alleviating the "clunkiness" of such a task would be welcome.

Of course, if this naming solution could be applied to every layer one might incorporate in the editing or creation of any image during any process and under each "Persona" would be equally as helpful.


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