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I want to create graphics that look like they're on paper and cut out.
I want to duplicate this paper form and move it for a shadow. The result should look like in the OpenClipart example:

I don't get a suitable result with the effects. The graphics consist of lines and are in a group.
Is there a possibility to create a border automatically (like in the example manually)?





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If you look at that Giraffe SVG sample (open it in Designer) you can see that it is made of closed and filled paths (curves/shapes). Those build the main on top drawing, where the cut out and shadow are below arranged filled outer form curve layers of the compound drawing. - You can resemble that way and arrangement with your drawing to get that same look.

There in the older thread that sample I showed also had closed paths, aka shapes and no open lines.

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Here is another thrown together sample. You can hide certain layers in order to see how they've been stiched together. Here I've used just an fx outer shadow on the widest bottom layer curve.



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Don't know if you mean in your above shown drawing, or instead in my shown sample?

However, what I did for my sample is just duplicating/copying the bottom laying dark curve, filling that copy with white instead and resizing it from it's center point aka making it slightly wider, then placing it at the bottom of all layers. So everything else is on top of that placed. At last I applied an FX outer shadow stroke effect.


For your sample you can close the black curves with the help of the Node tool (that offers operations for this) and then combine some single curves together into one (add/combine their layers with the geometrical operations) so you can better work with these. Once you have those combined you can too duplicate that layer, resize it slightly bigger and fill it with white color. Then place that to bottom of the layer panel so the slightly smaller black one covers the wider white one. - All in all it's just like making a sandwich out of those forms, placing one object layer on the other, stacked and adjusting their fill colors and strokes.

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Hi maxmax,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

There's no automated way to create the effect you want. It's possible to generate an accurate outline from the whole objects/lines but it will require quite a few steps (assuming you want to keep them as vector objects). Here's a brief description of the steps required:

  • ungroup the lines
  • change to the Node Tool and increase the stroke width to 20pt more or less
  • go to menu Layer ▸ Expand Stroke
  • change to Move Tool and delete the eyes and mouth
  • draw a line with the same stroke with connecting the two vertical lines on the base (to close the shirt/body on bottom)
  • select all lines and perform an add boolean operation
  • perform a Divide operation to separate the inner outline from the outer outline 
  • delete the inner shapes you don't want/need - keep just the outer outlines shape which is what you want
  • change the fill colour of the shape and add an Outer Shadow layer effect with the appropriate settings

Here's the approximate result you will get (on the right):


Note that currently you document has a ColourNegative colour profile applied (menu File ▸ Document Setup..., Colour Profile dropdown) which limits the document colours. You should change it to sRGB (the last entry from the list).

If you still have trouble let me know and I will record a clip so you can follow along/see all steps in detail.

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