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Repeat pressure profile with brushes

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When using the pencil with pressure set to ‘none’ you can place a stroke, then manually change the pressure profile graph, and then every subsequent pencil stroke will have the exact same profile.

This behaviour is missing with the brush tool.  If you place a brush stroke, the stroke is automatically deselected, you can select it and change the pressure graph but this setting is not remembered for the next brush stroke.  Every brush stroke comes out with a flat pressure profile if you have pressure set to ‘none’. I want to replicate the exact same pressure profile with every brush stroke.  I don’t see why this behaviour is different as these two functions are quite similar.  Hoping to replicate this functionality:


Many thanks for any advice!

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Hi DocDebowski and Welcome to the Forums,

This has come up before here and a member of our QA team has explained about why this works the way it does.

I know we have had requests for Saveable Pressure Presets, like we have on the desktop which would make this whole process quicker, as you'd be able to draw a stroke and apply the preset pressure profile.  

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Thank you very much for your quick response. 

Looks like this is the third time this has been raised as a problem.   Not really helpful that it was previously closed "as intended behavior".  The work arounds are there but frustrating.   Any chance of implementing some sort of option to make the brush function similarly to the pencil?

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