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2 issues I haven't seen addressed:

1. When I click in my table it is really hard now to edit the text in the table. It likes to select the cell and not the text. If I select the pointer, deselect the table, select the type tool, and roll over the offending cell I get the I beam that lets me get an insert point inside the cell. It used to be easer. (i.e. Grab the I beam and click and drag in the cell).

I've been getting a weird error on my Mac. I'm thinking it's related to when I leave Publisher idle on my Mac. Here's the screen shots:


I'm not sure why I'm running out of application memory. The drop down menu on the right (and pop out) is iStat Menus (which monitors my system stats). That may help.

Loving the program, 


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I find that if I select the "Table Tool" right before I want to work in a table, then click into the cell, editing seem to work as expected.

text tool icon2.png

rusty - Macintosh macOS Mojave 10.14.3

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