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[By Design] bleed/crop marks are placed in the wrong place

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I'e set up a document wich should have bleed/crop marks on every edge with 3mm inset. If I export that as pdf and include the marks, only the top and bottom marks are placed correctly. The left and right are placed exactly where the document ends, but they should be inset my 3mm. If I set the bleed marks to 6mm, they same happens. Top and bottom marks are set correctly, left and right are not inset at all. (see screenshots)

This bug happens on new documents, two different macs and even on iPad. The same behavior is for Affinity photo and Affinity Publisher beta.














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Thanks for your AD File. I did not now that you have to extend the contend beyond the dartboard (not visible) in order to get the inset right. Thats why the crop marks in my file where just on the top and on the bottom, because the content extended there but not on the left and the right side of the document. 


So no bug here, just something that you really have to now how to do...

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