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RAW / CR2 photos look washed out when opened in Develop Persona

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When I open a CR2 file it looks washed out and dull compared to the JPEG. I am using a Canon EOS M.

Here's an example - CR2 on left and JPEG on right. (I have tried searching for this problem but can't find an answer anywhere.)


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Hi @Tamsin22,

WElcome to the forums. 

What OS have you got?

What settings have you got in the Develop Assistant? 


You will also see some difference between the RAW file and the jpeg as the camera performs the conversion and usually applies contrast/sat/denoise/etc based on the profile you're using. The RAW file is generally a flat, less vibrant image. 

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Tamsin22, it works but I think you should be aware of what is happening with your image. The benefit of working with a RAW file is that it's an uncompressed and unprocessed file. That means that you have all control of your image and you are working on a "pure" file. Processed by the camera, JPG files will have sharpening, contrast, tone etc applied to it in camera. That's why JPG and RAW of the same image look different. RAW files looks washed out because there is no contrast, saturation, sharpening etc. applied to it, unlike JPG files. If you set the Tone Curve "on", you will let the machine decide for you what is better for your image. This may be convenient but it's not recommended.

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