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question/problem on sliders of HSL shift Adjustement

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Hello, when I am on a HSL adjustement layer and I want to reset the value of the slider of a color back to 0  (zero) I found than after I type on it 0  and then I go directly to another color and then back to the color I had put to zero in reality did not reset to zero but kept the previous value. Confusing?

here is a sample  sequence: 

I click red or any other colors and try different valyes then type zero to reset it

Then I click another color and work on it

go beck to red and found that is not zero but another value ( the last I have tryed before resetting to zero) 

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Hi srg,

You need to hit enter so the field accepts the new 0% value. You will notice the slider doesn't update when you type in 0 but it does when you hit enter or tab away.

It sounds like you're asking us to change the behaviour so typing in a value and changing focus should apply that value? 

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OK thanks, I did not know the enter thing on the keyboard I assume. Iwas  just clicking somewhere on the window and that entes sthe value. May be a little tab with the word enter would be helpful. 

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