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Still old "Roadmap-Bugs" in point point...110

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There are still "roadmap/pointed to the dev-team/regress" bugs in the current version: (And i have wait, wait and wait....)


1. Autosave/recovery...

This bug needs some text, so there will come a special Fred about this!


2. Styles based on bitmaps are not resizable (if metal on). Well, the style itself is resizable, but not the bitmap-repetition, (with 1.6 / without metal) is working fine!


3. There are still 2(+) very old Macro-Bugs (from the roadmap/dev-agenda).

3.1. Using exiting macros as "base" for further (more complex) macros will corrupt any names/labels. For example: In a fresh macro you can give separate names for eg. EACH "opacity" witch is part of that macro. But, if you use this macro later  as COMPACT-starting/anywhere point (as recorded macro in macro)... for a more complex macro, and try to rename any of this "opacity" ALL "opacity" will now take THIS name for all "brothers". Does not matter which one or where you cog-rename: The name-brothers in the whole macro, will take simultaneously the new name for each "family name member".

3.2 Neither smudge nor color-change (with "no fill") will reproduce in macros! Well, the steps get written correct, but if running, there will absolutely nothing happen. I guess i know the reason: Both tools are "regularly brushes," with the differences that both sample the "background" color by each stroke minus the flow/amount... instead using a "static/solid" color. IF the color-changer was recorded with any "solid" color, it will later macro-work like a solid brush = just "overpainting" with the (macro) selected color. IF it was recorded in blue all will be the same blue.. and so one (but without mixing with the background). And if it was recorded with "no fill" - It will overpaint "with fill" = nothing happens.!  Its quite logical and the reason for this bug: Both,   smudge and colorchange  (with no fill) "forget" in macros to sample the new colors from the new background! Thats just the reason - i hold any bet!


You said the bugs (2 and 3) are on the agenda! This was maybe 8 "new"versions before! So maybe i´m too hectic... but please never forget, to fix this very old bugs in this version!!!! Or have i to start a "hear to the user" or this seldom "crop".... is EXTREMELY "annoying-post"... with lot of repetition and drastic words to blame you? What is this a world, where just the loudest/rude/very impolite... get an ear?

I "subtle" remember to #3+++ each FITTING moment, very polite (i cant remember "impolite"), but maybe i should go loud and blame you in drastic words? Maybe you then hear? Sorry, but it seems so! As louder and impolite ONE guy is crying as, more you seems to reward this non-behavior!!! Is this a very special kind of "tolerance"? I do not know... its your soul!

I just remember: I have a "special" wish, since many months/years... so pleace, be so friendly and fix this bug/wish ASAP! 1001 thanks!

OSX 10.13.5  / iMac Retina 27" / AMD Radeon R9 M380 / Metall: on!

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