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4 hours ago, haakoo said:

I never seen an advertisement stating that

A Ford is also an alternative to a Mercedes or a BMW 
Looks basically alike,does the same thing, but isn't.

A wikipedia page may be written by anyone.

That is just being silly.  

A Wikipedia article can be edited by designated EDITORS and Serif could go out, claim ownership and correct the article if it is factually wrong or misleading

4 hours ago, walt.farrell said:

With respect to Wikipedia, I agree.

However, when Serif's Affinity Facebook account posts links to reviews that talk about Affinity being an Adobe replacement, it starts to become their advertising. They had a choice of posting the link, or not posting it, if it's saying something they disagree with.

Or, they could post the link but comment to clarify that Serif doesn't think of Affinity as being an Adobe replacement.

That you. I have noticed the same and that was part of the sell for me at least, to purchase in the first place

4 hours ago, Chris B said:

That's a link to a Wikipedia article that anyone can edit. Upon checking the article edit history, I don't recognise any of those users so I would still argue we (Serif) have never stated we are a replacement. The article even says alternative. Maybe by 'alternative' it's implying a one-time license fee vs subscription billing :) 

Perhaps that is part of it. In any case I did not mean to start an argument about this. But to the extent Serif intends to grab at the Adobe market, I would hope you would align development along the same track with the improvements and changes aimed at making the work flow BETTER than the adobe products

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Photoshop has similar features so those comparisons are explainable and quite a common thing to do so to explain its usefulness  in a short amount of time.
Affinity Photo in my opinion is so far for my needs the best solution out there for retrieving data from imported PSDs without using programs from Adobe.

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