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Affinity Designer 16 Palettes/Swatches flat colors sets

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Hi all !

This is my palettes, extracted from Web/CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap, UI Kit, Material UI...) and Many brands.

Get for free from my Github Repo

Or from attached files...


What is it ?

In my work, like many people, i need to make lots of website sketch/présentation created with common Frameworks like Bootstrap or others. I made this with the excellent software Affinity Designer, and so, here are my own palettes created for this last.

Palettes details

Web/CSS Frameworks :

  • Bootstrap 4.afpalette : 16 colors from Bootstrap 4 default theme {prefix bt4-}
  • Bulma.io.afpalette : 19 colors from Bulma default theme {prefix bulma-}
  • Groundworkcss.io.afpalette : 22 colors from GroundWork default theme {prefix gndwrk-}
  • Material-ui.afpalette : 19 colors from Material UI default theme {prefix mui-}
  • Spectre.css.afpalette : 7 colors from Spectre default theme {prefix spectre-}
  • Uikit.com.afpalette : 12 colors from UI Kit default theme {prefix uikit-}

- Kube.afpalette - Foundation.afpalette - Semantic-UI.afpalette

Others :

  • Brands.afpalette : 70+ brands colors (Affinity, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Coca-Cola...)
  • FlatUI 2 Japan.afpalette : 20 colors of Japan Flat UI 2
  • Old Colors.afpalette : 60+ old/vintage colors

Human Body

  • Human Body Bones.afpalette : 6 colors for human bones
  • Human Body Hairs.afpalette : 70+ colors for human hairs
  • Human Body Intimity.afpalette : 25 colors for human private parts
  • Human Body Skins.afpalette : 26 colors for human skins






Bootstrap 4.afpalette




Human Body Skins.afpalette




FlatUI 2 Japan.afpalette

Old Colors.afpalette

Human Body Bones.afpalette

Human Body Intimity.afpalette

Human Body Hairs.afpalette

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