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Wacom Express Key Remote - modifier keys

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Hey everyone,

‘just wondering whether any of you fine folks have Wacom’s express key remote? And if so do your modifier keys work correctly in affinity designer and photo? For me only the space key acts as it should. The keys assigned to shift command and alt don’t seem to perform the expected actions. Would be great to know if anyone else has this problem.

i am also having this issue with clip studio and the adobe cc products so the affinity apps are in good company :). Apps that i’m Finding do  work with the Wacom EKR are Paintstorm Studio, MediBang, sketchbook Pro and mischief. 

Any finding would be much appreciated. I am currrntly trying to troubleshoot this with Wacom tech support :)

cheers, Dave

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Hi Macmonkey :)

Although we don't have the Express Key Remote to test with, I've connected an Intuos 4 to my Mac as this has the Touch Ring and Express Keys down the left hand side.

Using the latest Mac drivers (ver. 6.3.32-4) all modifier keys work as expected in Affinity and other applications.

Please make sure the Express Keys are not disabled in the Wacom settings panel, as you can disable them system-wide and per application.

Do let us know what Wacom suggest, as we've not heard of this issue before and without the physical hardware to test I'm struggling a little!

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