Status: Public Beta
Purpose: Stability and General Testing
Requirements: Mac OS 10.9 or above Hi, We are pleased to announce that Affinity Publisher build 238 is now available as a manual download from the link above and on auto-update. As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity where you may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents.  We hope you enjoy the product, and as always, if you've got any problems installing or running up, please don't hesitate to post in this thread. Any problems actually using this version please make a new topic in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Please feel free to leave general suggestions and comments in the Discussion Forum.  Many thanks for your continued feedback. --- Multi-language UI We now have localised text for all of the languages we intend to support at release, and the Preferences UI to switch language has been enabled. However, we are aware of quite a large number of issues currently with UI layout and missing translation text. If you wish to log an issue on the forum that you think is purely a translation issue (i.e. UI layout, text truncation, missing translation, incorrect translation) we would be grateful if you could make a post in this specific thread. --- Hyperlinks We have our first pass at support for Hyperlinks. You can place Hyperlinks on text or other items in your document and create anchors for them to target. You can also create hyperlinks to document pages or internet URLs etc. These hyperlinks will export to PDF, though be aware not all varieties of PDF support interactive features. This feature is mainly driven via the Menu, Text > Interactive and the Hyperlinks Panel, View > Studio > Hyperlinks. Additionally if you create a TOC or Index and request hyperlinks on export the TOC or Index will be furnished with hyperlinks as appropriate. --- General Fixes Please note that documents saved in Build 238 will not open in Build 227 or earlier. We suggest you work on a copy if your document is valuable to you. Main Window, Menus, Panels, Tools
Grouped and ordered blend modes in various places in the UI
(Win) Fixed issue with Noise slider in Layer Effects causing hang
Convert to Picture Frame/Text Frame missing for right-click on any selected shape.
Added button tooltips to Fields panel for clarity
Fix to snap Picture Frame content to frame
Fix for unwanted page change when placing a guide
(Mac) Fix for currently active page not being highlighted correctly in Light Mode
(Win) Fix for poor Glyph Browser selection highlight in Light Mode
(Win) Fix for spot colours losing spot attribute when edited
Grouped tool shortcuts now default to using the Shift key to cycle. Option in preferences to revert to old behaviour.
Fixed possible crash with HSL Adjustments
Fields Author field can now be overridden by supplying default with no documents open
(Win) Fix for TOC / Index separators not accepting preset entries
(Win) Fixed slow resizing of side panels Pages and Master Pages
Fixed issues moving single pages with facing masters
Select All no longer selects master page content
Fixes for Find and Replace with master text frames
Fixes for TOC and Index issues with master pages
Fixed context menus for master page items on regular pages
Fix for Text Ruler not showing with detached master page text frames
Fix for Auto-flow with master frame content
Fix for Resource Manager not showing resources in detached picture frames
Fix for guides not being inherited when master applied to master Text and Tables
Fix for Auto-Capitalise being too keen to help
Added a Text Tool context toolbar shortcut to access Text Frame panel
(Win) Fixed List Increase / Decrease Level shortcuts clash
Added 'No Style' to Find and Replace Paragraph Style popup
Fix for Text Styles options not updating based on selection
Fix to expand Text Field contents for copying to clipboard in non-native formats
Fixed Arial Black confusion
(Win) Text Styles - Added optical alignment settings to Text Style Editor
Fix for incorrect Text Wrap in scaled Text Frames
Fix for text selection across spreads with master text frames Import, Export and Printing
Placing text via File > Place now honours resizing aspect preferences
PDF Export now has the option not to export layers
Fixed to warn when printing if crop marks are requested but don't fit to paper
Fixed source of crash when exporting specific documents to PSD
Updating a placed multi-page pdf now maintains chosen page number if possible
Fix for current page not being selected when using 'Current Page' print range
Fix for Bleeds failing to export to PDF when selecting specific Artboards
Fix for image resources not saving and loading their relative paths properly
Fix for Bleed not set when importing Designer document with Artboards Setup
(Win) Fixed high DPI setup failure
--- Earlier Release Notes Beta 227