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[AD]File seems corrupted and crashes when using History

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Hej affinitos


I have the following problem: I was working on some business cards for a client. There I use symbols to make fancy mockups (so when I change something on the card, it also shows on the mockup).

Now to save the different variants I'm making for the costumer I wanted to use the snapshot function.

When I finished my draft variants I wanted to go through them all just to get shocked that all snapshots had the same state (the last one).

Now I thought: Well, let's use the history function and go back to all/some old variants. But now when I use the history function after a certain point AD crashes and now I can't restore my work. Which are quite a few hours of work. :(

Here's the error message I get after the history rollback attempt:


Any ideas? Thanks in advance


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Hi @JokeRat,

Have you saved your files with history? ( File > Save history with document ). 

If so, can you please upload it to our dropbox account so we can have a look? https://www.dropbox.com/request/0OdXn9LsroSpc7QeVpky

If you don't have a history with the file, did you manage to replicate it? If not, it's impossible to replicate a one-off crash. 



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Hi @GabrielM

Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately I didn't have saved the history with the document. And I can't replicate the crash on a consistent basis, but it occured to me more than once. (also sent the report (via in-application prompt) to you guys. If that's any help.


But what I - and you - can replicate is the bug(?) that symbols are not affected by snapshots, as in my opinion it should be a global 'reset' when I go back to an old snapshot, including all elments (like symbols). You can easily try yourself by making a rectangle, make a symbol, make snapshot, change color, make another snapshot and go back to the first snapshot. the color will still be the same as you set it on the second snapshot.

Also, I submitted the file anyway, even though it probably wont be of any help to you. Please keep it confidential as there is some sensitive data in it. Thank you.

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We are already aware of the Symbols and Snapshots bug. 

Unfortunately, as you said the file does not have any history, so we cannot tell what happened. If you manage to replicate it, let us know and we can log it with our developers. :)

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