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Will Publisher have a tool to create Quick Reponse (QR) code?

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I'm curious if the Publisher is going to include a tool to create QR code  like Serif PagePlus did?  (Adobe InDesign also have that tool too).   I had took a brief look into the Publisher beta  a few months ago but I didn't spend much time exploring because I was busy with my projects.  Just wondering if it will have that tool...and if it does, I'd  like to buy the stable version of Publisher when it comes out.  Thanks~ 

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I bet, it will not have a QR code generator in its initial version.

There are much, much more important things to add, fix and polish.

You can create QR codes online behind every corner of the internet or use one of the numerous and very inexpensive or free apps. So this kind of feature certainly has no priority for the Publisher team.

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If QR code generation capability were to be built-in to Affinity Publisher then there could also be a tool so that one could add a QR code for a hyperlink and the same hyperlink could be built-in to the document. Then If a PDF were produced and put on line, then clicking the QR code either online or in a downloaded copy of the PDF could follow the link, and from a hardcopy printed copy the QR code could be read using a smartphone or other device and the link followed.

I hope that Affinity Publisher has QR codes and that special feature to apply them as well.



Using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 in England

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