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  1. Version
  2. Seems to happen on all my portrait rotated raws, landscape orientation shots do not seem to have this issue.
  3. New document works as expected, because it places my raw layer with no rotation - landscape mode.
  4. Description
  •    Photo on iPad Pro 12.9" 2nd Gen 512 GB wifi, Apple Pencil 2015
  •    iOS 12.1.3
  •    Dust and scratches applied, then undo brush to bring back details on main subject. Brush strokes paint rotated copy of original image, rather than undoing smoothing effect.
  •    Import from Photos, a raw portrait rotated image. Auto color, contrast, levels, white balance, in some order. Dust and scratches 15.5 px, 0 tolerance. Undo brush tied to before dust and scratches. Paints 90° rotated copy.
  •    See attached examples of it working and not.
  •   First time trying a portrait oriented raw.

Screenshots attached








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Screenshot instead of 200+MB files

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