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[Cannot Reproduce] Symbols Printing With Jagged Edges

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We've printed some deign files a few times and every time symbols in the document print out with jagged edges. We tried printing straight from Affinity, and exported SVGs and PDFs, with the same results. You can see a close up of the afflicted ULLR wordmark with the funky edges in the attached pic.

We noticed that it was the only visibly affected element. As he only unique aspect it had was being a symbol, we closely inspected tiny icons on the design that were also symbols, and they also displayed the jagged edges.

I wonder if it's a printer compatibility issue? I tried printing locally and it came out ok, however it's when my (overseas) client uses their printer, it comes out with jagged edges. They're using a Xerox WorkCentre 6515. See Model here. It's so far the only differential factor we've noticed.



The obvious workaround is to detach symbols, however I'd much prefer to take advantage of the wonderful symbols system that A Designer has, I love working with it!


Much appreciated.

Jagged Edges Sample.jpeg

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Hi @Yaco,

Welcome to the forums. 

It looks like really bad anti-alias. 

However, if a symbol was causing this issue, it should only affect when printing from within the app. When you export the file, you cannot export as symbols. So you would either have raster information, or vector information. If you attach the .afdesign file, and the PDF and SVG, we can have a look for you. 



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Awesome. Thank you @GabrielM. Here it is.

I figured as much, so my theory was that something in the symbol that wasn't exporting well to svg / pdf. Granted, I'm just making stuff up.

I wonder if there might be a different cause? Again, this issue is happening to the client, but not me.

Here is a test file I made for the client, with symbols, detached symbols, and ungrouped curves, and the same thing kept happening in all cases, so maybe it's not symbols. Attached is a zip file with photos of the print test results. 

I'm starting to think that either there's an issue in my file settings, or there's one with his printer / Printer driver.


Anyways, thanks again for looking at this!

Jagged borders Print Test.pdf

Jagged borders Print Test Results.zip

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Definitely an issue with the printer. The PDF looks fine.

Once you export to PDF (and if that PDF looks fine),  any printing problems would be down to the printer/driver/user. We tried it here and it printed out fine :)

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Thanks! Sure enough, after Some more testing I asked the client to go check out an older Print and sure enough, they found jaggedness, just more subtle.

Aaaand found that there were extra  settings to improve the print quality.....so yep, printer. We laughed at how much we’d obsessed over this easily solvable mystery.


thaksfor having a look @GabrielM !!

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