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Impossible to add an anchor point !

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Hi everyone ;)

I have drawn a line with the pen and I want to add an anchor point where it is not possible to to it. (I can do it on a part of the line of the shape but not between to points)

So, with the arrow with tail I select the line

I go to the op menu 3 points> "turn into curve"

I go to the  arrow without tail > I select the new curve> I click twice on the curve to add point : no way !

Can someone help me ?

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Hi, Euclide,

The pen line already is a curve. Turn to curve works on the parametric shapes, or text. To add a node to the pen line, select the pen line, switch to the node tool. You will then be able to add, delete, and modify the position of nodes, as well as their control handles.

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