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Dearest forum members
I fell in love with affinity photo and -designer and am getting a lot of work done. Thank you devs.

There is an issue with my way of thinking and I'm sure I'm just one little step aside.

I scanned a ink splatter and wish to create a outline of it to print only the outline. The selection is easy and even giving it a stroke, but the moment I deselect the selection area, the artboard is empty.

I tried to rasterize, tried to create a new layer with the selection selected and created a stroke but again, the moment I deselect, the artboard is empty.

It's like I'm just doing some little mistake but can not find out what it is.

The forum post show that a lot of designer wish to stroke a selection and some tips are not bad, but none of them work.

I created a "style" but again, the stroke will not remain .

Please help.

Kindest regards


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Hi Desp3rate,

Welcome to the forums :) 

Please could you provide a screen recording of your current workflow?



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