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Move Crop Area After Reselecting Crop Tool Bug

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Yes, I see that is one way to do it - but doesn't it defeat the "non-destructive" thing?

I suppose I could also crop the image, copy it and create a new document and re-crop (in Beta) to enlarge the area and re-sample...

These seem like work-arounds to something which cumulative layer properties should account for since I still don't understand why the crop tool penetrates everything to override previous cropping...

One thing at a time...

Thanks again.

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1 hour ago, AffinityQ said:

doesn't it defeat the "non-destructive" thing?

Keeping and just "hiding" the cropped-off areas is what makes the operation non-destructive.  As soon as you trim off the parts that were cropped away you are being destructive.

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+1 for nudging the crop area with the arrow keys.

Furthermore: Extend the settings for constraining from the Move Tool to the Crop Tool! Or define a new setting, if “Automatic” gets in your way! Just make the Shift key functional … it is currently under-used … ;)



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On 2/23/2019 at 1:38 AM, AffinityQ said:

Additional suggestion: Could the cropping rectangle be nudged with the arrow keys?

- moving it, not changing size...

Another bump for this suggestion..

It would be GREAT if we could nudge the crop area with the arrows keys (when defining the crop)

One of the little things I miss almost daily from the "other" software... 


Fernando Velarde



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