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I often use the crop tool.


It would be incredibly helpful if it could be aligned / snap to common objects and guides.

For example:

  • snapping to objects.
  • snapping to edge
  • aligning to centre of document


That last one would be incredibly helpful. Currently cropping is entirely manual I believe.

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The latest Mac beta, released today, says...

-The crop tool now obeys the global snapping enable state.

But I have no idea what that means as it is not available on Windows at the moment


Due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations, punctuation, spelling and grammar will be used sparingly until further notice.

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thanks - I tried it and yes it does snap to edges .. but not the centre of the canvas .. is this possible?

cutting out the centre is a very common use case

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Hi Tariq,
Here's a couple ways:

Using the Crop Tool
- before entering cropping, drag a horizontal and vertical guide to the middle of the canvas to mark the centre of the canvas.
- set the Mode to Original ratio (if you need to keep the ratio otherwise leave it in Unconstrained mode)
- set the Overlay dropdown to diagonals
- use the diagonals's crosses and the crop frame's handles to help you align the crop frame with the guides to centre the crop frame (if you scale the crop frame you have to re-adjust the position again - it's not dynamic but may be enough for some situations - check the method below for a more dynamic appraoch.

Using a rectangle shape as a clipping frame
- draw a rectangle shape the size of the canvas
- in the layers panel drag the image over the rectangle shape (not over the thumbnail of the layer but over the label area on the right)
- change to the Move Tool, select the rectangle in the Layers panel and tick Lock Children in the context toolbar
- press and hold ⌘ (cmd) (or CTRL if you are using Windows) and drag one of the corners of the rectangle on canvas to scale from the centre (also press shift simultaneously if you want to keep the ratio) until you are happy with the "crop area"
- go to menu Document ▸ Clip Canvas
- optionally rasterise the rectangle layer if you want to get rid of the cropped (hidden) parts and flatten the layer.


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Hey guys,

the alignment/snapping of the frame with objects on the canvas has been missing here for quite some time, if I remember correctly I already asked for it several years ago – because almost all tools have the possibility to constrain each other, except the Crop Tool.

I would really love to see the option to align the crop frame to objects on the desktop soon – it would be incredibly helpful to save further steps and workarounds in the workflow.



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