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Ed A

Affinity Designer: Layers and Strokes

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Hi all,

I've been trialling Designer for a while now and have two questions:


1) I found that each individual object ('curve') appears on it's own sub-layer when you click on the main layer. Adobe Illustrator also allows you to see each individual shape, but the layer doesn't automatically open up / expand revealing all components every time you click it. Working on files with lots of objects can be very cumbersome having to scroll lots and close the layer again. Is there any way to disable this feature?


2) When applying strokes to objects, is there any way to alter the stroke like in Adobe Illustrator so that the stroke fits into / caps the corners? We do a lot of diagrams for architecture / urban design and this feature makes dashed lines look a lot neater (as would adding arrow heads!)


Thanks in advance!

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Hi MEB! Thanks.

Ah ok great. I saw that but wasn't sure if that's what it did, then got sidetracked. Also thanks for answer number 2. Good to know.

All the best,


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