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My username: Yes, I am an Adobe Certified Expert. This shows how enthusiastic I used to be about Adobe and its products. That's gone now, and I want to contribute to the Affinity series with the same enthusiasm that I put into Adobe products before.

In addition to the many customizable basic shapes, I would also like to see customizable line shapes in the designer. Especially spirals, grids: radial and rectangular, with adjustable distances that can be even and exponential.
It would be really cool if you could determine how the shape is created when you create it: As contiguous lines or as compound complex shapes.
Spacing should be definable.
I often design logos and for that such a function would be really outstanding:

I will upload graphics on occasion to clarify what I mean.

I am German, unfortunately my English is not very good. I hope my message is clear.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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Welcome to the forum.
It is good to hear that you want to contribute to the Affinity community. Having another expert to learn from is always good.

It does not look like Designer will be getting any new shapes for 1.7.0 - they would probably be in the Beta by now if it were.
However, I feel sure that if enough people say they want a particular shape then the Affinity team will probably think about it for a future release. (I myself have asked for an 'egg' shape.)

When you come to putting in a suggestion for a new shape it will probably be good if you keep to one shape per suggestion (forum thread).
That way, people can discuss each shape individually, rather than the discussions getting mixed together.

Note: The "Suggestions for Affinity Designer on Desktop" and "Suggestions for Affinity Designer Range" forums get more views than the iPad forum so if you want more people to see your suggestion you could consider posting in one of those instead.

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