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[Cannot Reproduce] Brush options have disabled ?

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Needing help with possible bug or may be operator fault. The brushes drop down box is no longer displaying any brush options at all. I created a watermark brush, which was working fine but today the function crashed my whole programme and continues to crash it if I open it. Is this operator error? I have touched something to disable it .. 


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Hi @JessicaJ86,

Welcome to the forums. 

Have you tried to click on the dropdown arrow?


If it still crashes, try this:

Close Photo. Navigate to %AppData%\Affinity\Photo\ and rename 1.0 to 1.0.backup. Reopen photo. 



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I think ive got it.. Thanks.. brushes are now back . Followed link in my windows explorer - nothing come up - so restarted the computer.. Affinity wouldn't close as there was a opened file preventing this. Forced the shut down , reopened and the unsaved file come up so I was able to close and the brushes were restored.. So Im unsure if that file had somehow disabled the brushes .. anyway.. back to working!!! 




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