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duplicating gradient fill

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Hi GallucciArt,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
If it's a simple object filled with a gradient (no Layer Effects etc), select it then go to menu Edit ▸ Copy, select the other object then Edit ▸ Paste Style.

If you want/prefer you can also save the gradient to the Swatches palette for later reuse. To do it select the object with the gradient then go to the Swatches panel  -create a new Document Palette if necessary clicking the menu icon on the top right of the Swatches panel and selecting Add Document Palette - then click the small palette icon on the right of the category dropdown to add that gradient as a fill to the document palette you just created. To apply it to another object, select that object and click the fill you just created in the Swatches panel.

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Thanks for this tip, I was really banging my head again the wall trying to figure out how to do this basic thing (using a gradient from one object on another) and couldn't for the life of me figure it out. It was only after searching for a while here on this forum I found this post and found this sort of unexpected solution. While lets me do this, it's hard to figure out, so here are some ideas you might consider, that would have helped me figure out how to do this on my own:

- Supplement the copy/paste method you now have with an explicit "Copy style" item, that will let the user know copying and pasting styles between objects is a thing you can do. Since there's now only a single "Copy" and I didn't want to copy the object I never considered that this would be the way to use the style.

- Add a "style" or "gradient" mode to the eye dropper tool (or perhaps a new "style picker" if you want to continue having the old one as a "color picker") that works like the eyedropper in Illustrator and what I expected, when you can select an object and then use the eyedropper to get the style of the object from another object.

- In the gradient configuration panel/interface, add shortcuts to re-use recently selected/used other gradients or copy/paste the entire gradient to offer an alternative way to do this.



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