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Bug in a Develop Persona?

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Hello there!

I think I might have found a bug in a Develop Persona. When I am trying to develop Fujifilm raw files I am experiencing a black stripe on a right-hand or top side of the image. It is a small bar but it should not be there. It is either black rectangle or of a somewhat rounded shape (it depends whether I check Apply Lens Profile Distortion check-box, which explains this behaviour).

The images that I was trying to develop where shot with Fujifilm X-T3 (which I know is not supported according to one of the posts, but, nevertheless, it appears the Develop Persona can handle them). This weird behaviour depends on the lens I used. With some lenses (e.g. XF35/f2) the image is rendered correctly, with some others (e.g. XF23/f2) there is a black stripe I am writing about.

I am attaching an example screenshot.



Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 09.29.20.png

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Based on that description, combined with the description from the other thread, it sounds like the lens distortion correction profile (as adjusted by a camera profile which is evidently missing) is pulling part of the image away from the edge and then is supposed to be cropping the image afterward to remove the black area that is left behind.

Choosing to NOT crop this could be seen as an attempt to preserve as much of the image as possible, but there would be nothing "real" to fill in for the corners.  The alternative, which is evidently the more common and intended behavior, is throwing away some of the good information along the edges in order to "hide" the parts that were lost to the correction of the distortion (by cropping off the edges until the remaining part 

Which is better depends on the scenario; I would not complain about having an option to NOT crop that so that the "good" data along the edges could be accessible when desired - but most of the time, most of us (myself included) would crop the edges anyway, so having that as a default behavior seems quite reasonable.

This is all quite similar to the situation that results from post-capture video stabilization in which something in the shot is tracked and the tracked path is smoothed out or even locked in place in order to reduce the effects of camera shake; moving individual frames around leaves gaps on the edges, and most of the professional software that handles this task will leave those gaps without cropping, or possibly provide the user with a choice of whether or not to automatically crop the edges.

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Hi Shimi,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
I'm currently following this exact same issue. Do you mind uploading one or two sample files (with different lenses) using this link so we can take a look please? Thanks.
Meanwhile if you switch to Apple (Core Image RAW) the images should load properly (uncompressed RAW format only and only available in Affinity Photo for Mac). To do it, after loading a RAW file go to menu View ▸ Assistant Manager... and change the RAW Engine dropdown from Serif Labs to Apple (Core Image RAW). Reload the RAW image again.

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I will upload some sample files shortly. I shot them using both compressed and uncompressed raw file format, you'll see. 

I have tried to develop files using Apple Raw Engine and it worked as expected. When I switched back to Serif Engine, a black bar has reappeared.

@Thomas_Photo Yes, I am on the newest Mac beta. And I use the latest firmware for X-T3.

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