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Bhikkhu Pesala

Publisher Does not Recognise Some Dead Keys

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I use a heavily modified Extended UK Windows keyboard for typing Pali and other languages. It uses dead keys for typing accented characters, e.g. for letters with Cedilla accent, the dead key is Ctrl+Alt+Comma to type Ç, ç, Ş, ş, Ţ, ţ and so on. The latter do not work in Publisher, though they work find in PagePlus, and in my Vivaldi Browser, Notepad, etc.

  1. Shift _ dead key works fine fof Ā, ā, Ī, ī, Ū, ū in Publisher
  2. Ctrl+Alt+" dead key for Ä, ä, Ë, ë, etc. does not work in Publisher
  3. Shift ^ dead key for circumflex works fine
  4. Shift ~ dead key for tilde for Ã, ã, Ñ, ñ works fine
  5. Ctrl+Alt+^ dead key for caron Ǎ, ă does not work in Publisher

There seems to be a pattern emerging here.

AMD A10-6800K, with Radeon HD Graphics 4100 GHz

8 Gb on Windows 10 64-bit build 17763.316 •  My Free OpenType Fonts

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