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Centering images when printing in Affinity

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not Let me join the list of complaints about the inability to center an image when printing in Affinity.  I have used both the direct print mode as well as the soft proofing method but to no avail.  The images are always skewed to one side.  I agree that this is an important issue if Affinity intends to replace Photoshop as a significant image post processor.  This is not a "printer" issue.  I have the Canon Pixma Pro 10 and when I print the same image using Photoshop controls, it is well centered.  I am very interested in shifting entirely to Affinity but, so far, I remain hesitant because of this serious problem.  Affinity should consider making Canon Print Studio Pro available as a good solution.  I have tried but learned that Affinity is not compatible with Print Studio Pro.  I sincerely hope that this issue can be resolved soon.  From what I read it has lingered on for quite some time and has not been resolved with the newest upgrade which I am using.

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