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Let's crowdfund Affinity designer and photo for linux!

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1 minute ago, myclay said:

Photoshop CC 2019 seems to work with a workaround on Linux builds.

Is that a microwave oven? LOL. Naah, it always worked like that, by copying an existing installation, but that means having a Windows machine working for installing and upgrading. It's a PITA!

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11 hours ago, AiDon said:

Have you forgotten that Serif say they are not interested and they certainly will not give away the code.

No, haven't forgotten. But when I asked codeweavers, I specifically told them this and since they're up for it anyway, I'm assuming they have the skills to figure it out without the source code.

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Personally I just use dual-boot as, no matter what anyone says, native apps for Windows never have exactly 100% of the Windows functionality on UNIX/LINUX and we have done that for years. Of special complexity is the graphics abilities, external apps, plugins etc., etc.

Win 10 x64 System with Intuos Pen & Touch
 - Sys : Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs), 16GB RAM
 - GPU 1: Intel HD Graphics 630, GPU 2: NVIDIA GTX1050, 4GB


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I agree native window and Wine will always have a layer for complexity .because of this complexity it sometimes causes a performance or bug issue. The proton project looks very promising and works well so far.


example of proton performance seems good


Also having Affinity on Linux would expand the market and respect from the Linux community.  as I mentioned before maybe having a snap package for Ubuntu base system would be a better approach since this distro is well known with ordinary and beginner users. Ubuntu also is being used by an enterprise company for their workstation. Short term I understand that Seif doesn't have it on Linux, but it would be very beneficial for them, in the long run, to have it cross-platform, so users can shift when needed when the market or situation changes. All artist tools should be modulated, in my opinion, but I can be wrong.

One final thought, maybe a valuable solution is to port it on Steam?

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On 1/26/2019 at 11:38 PM, R C-R said:

Yes, in the other very long topic they have explained (quite a few times) why they have no interest in developing Linux versions at this time. Funding is only a small part of it, which is why they have rejected the crowd funding idea.

That doesn't mean they will never develop Linux versions, just that they are not going to do so while other things have a higher priority. Since there are many of them, don't expect Linux versions any time soon.

Probably linux users is a way too small a market for Serif. Windows is about 90%, MAC is about 9% and the rest? Not worth the effort?


Some hard facts:

Windows 87.50%
  Mac OS 9.74%
  Linux 2.14%

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