Here's an amazing idea. Let's crowdfund Affinity Designer and Photo for Linux! This is a huge "what if" scenario. What if Serif were interested in developing a linux version if they already knew that a sufficient amount of users would buy it? Then why not crowdfund it?.. If thousands of linux "nerds" who only use the computer for hacking and coding and never designing (irony intended) would pledge the needed amount, Serif could just wait until the goal is met and then start developing? If not, all backers can get their money back, nothing lost, nothing gained.  I'd be willing to pay and I'm sure others would too. If there aren't enough linux nerds, the goal won't be met, if there are, who needs graphs showing estimated numbers, we would have facts and money to back it up. Serif could even do it as a test without any promises. Backers can promise money if they decide to go for it but should they choose not to, no hard feelings. As long as they are clear with their intentions. I can say right now that I'd be willing to pay quite a bit more for a linux version than for the mac and windows version if that's what it takes. If you think this is a good idea, please "heart" the post or quote it or whatever so that we can be noticed =)