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[AP] Troubles with luminosity selections

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I experimented with Granger chart (see picture  –can be obtained with a superimposition of a "spectral " gradient (RYGCBMR) and a BW gradient in luminosity blending mode)  in 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit mode. The so-called "luminance" selection as given by the shortcut CMD-SHIFT-click takes three different forms!  Seemingly the luminosity concept would change when switching from 8-bit  to 16 or 32-bit RGB mode: I can hardly accept that. 

16-bit RVB ou 16-bit LAB yield the same results — though it could have been expected that the "luminance" selection in LAB mode would be the true LAB luminance selection.

Only the 32-bit result seems to stick to the expected result, namely  true LAB luminance selection.

I attempted to look at possible changes in the 1.7 beta version but I was unable to locate the "Document > Color Format" menu.



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Hi @ch22,

Thank you for reporting this. 

Can you please send us a screen recording of your workflow? This is because the order of operations( changing the bit depth) and the ICC profile will have an influence on the selection. 



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