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I thought I would share (what I thought) was a great bit of news. I really liked that feature in Adobe Bridge that lets you shirk down a window with a single click and then bring it back up with a single click. I am not the world's biggest Bridge fan but I like that one feature a lot. I was just sent an email from the makers of HoudahSpot that they brought this feature to their HoudahSpot 5 beta! I thought some people here might like to hear that since many here are of course former Adobe users and might like to know this. I use HS's tagging support constantly, I find it to work better then Bridge or even the Finder in many ways. I would suggest trying this product and helping the developer. Important product to have on hand.

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Well something similar in terms of naming, applying tagging and applying copyright notices, geodata etc. for Windows is WIA-Loader, but instead WIA-Loader does transfer (copy and sort images into defined user structures etc.) images in various fashions and can perform certain operations tasks on those transfered images then.

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Nice to know there is some good competition on both platforms! Serif is taking on the Adobe's graphics programs and we now have similar bridge products. In some ways they doing better then bridge since part of bridge died when Mini-Bridge inside of InDesign was killed.

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