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[By Design] Problem with selection/refine edges/affinity PHOTO

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I have been trying to make a selection using the flood tool and when I went to refine selection, it immediately gave me these "frayed" edges, without even changing any slider or brush. I thought it had to do with the selection tool I was using, so I decided to try with the ellipse selection and had exactly the same problem.  I selected an ellipse with NO feathering and aliasing ON. The picture I am taking is just after clicking refine selection, but not moving anything else I only changed the preview to white to make it more obvious. Another problem I have is that, when I use the matte brush, as I let go of the brush, other parts of the picture also change. I am using a MacOS 10.10, store bought affinity photo 1.6.7.

I just watched the official tutorial video for refine selection and I don't see the frayed edges appearing there. Please help.



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Hi @ocelotito,

That is not a bug, but an expected result. 

The refine tool is mainly used when you want to isolate parts of the image, for example, the brown parts of your image. 

When you select multiple colours, the refine tool will give you that sort of effect, because it's trying to blend your random selection to the outside, random pixels. 

I suggest you have another look at the tutorials and see how to properly use it:

Selections and Masking

We have closed this issue as "by design". 



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