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Bug with Apple Photo

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Thanks for the beta !!

In Apple photo, right click on a photo, edit in Affinity Photo Beta is not working . Works with the 1.6.7 ..... and always the same bugs with artefacts on refine mask ( see older post 12/2017 ...)

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Same happens here.

Just to add to this: when round-tripping from Photos in this way, the name of the 'non-edited' image does not appear in AP Beta's 'Open Recent' menu, even after saving and closing. 

However, editing the slightly slower way (Photos - Edit - Extensions - Edit in Affinity Photo) does update the image in Photos:



The file name does appear in Affinity Photo Beta's "Open Recent" menu, but as "Apple Photos Document.afphoto", and the list is not added to when further images are edited.



Affinity Photo 1.6.7, Affinity Designer 1.6.1

Various betas

macOS 10.14

MacBook Air

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I think this is due to the beta not being sandboxed, like the Mac App Store version is. I understand it will be resolved in the release (sandboxed) build.

NOTE: If a bug is not mentioned in the release notes it is not really helpful to say "it's still broken". However if something is fixed without being mentioned then it is worth mentioning, as some bugs are fixed while addressing another issue.

Patrick Connor
Serif (Europe) Ltd.

Latest releases on each platform 

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Ok, thanks for the explanations ... I will wait for version 1.7.
Note: As I am just a user and not a developer, I thought that in the release notes "- Fixed inability to open photos from Apple Photos from file -> open. Now correctly asks for permission.".. would solve the problem.


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Running Beta v107


"Edit in Affinity Photo" work partially for me in Beta v107.

Two other issues with the Photos.app extensions:

-The Affinity editing features within Photos are not functional  (Haze removal, monochrome, retouch, etc...).  See error in attachment.

- "Edit in Affinity Photo" takes me to Affinity, but if I do not make any changes to the file in Affinity and I simply close Affinity, the photo that appears back in Photos is not the photo I started with.  Instead, it will revert back to the most recently edited photo in Affinity via the Photos extension.  See video.


* Hardware is all factory issued stock on my machine.  No unusual peripherals.


Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 8.33.45 PM.png



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