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Ed A

Publisher 1.7.0 (Mac) - Find & Replace 'undo' bug

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Hi all,

New to Affinity and hopefully a convert from Adobe soon!

I was testing Publisher last night (most recent version as of yesterday) finding and replacing a particular word for the whole document. Clicking Find was fine, Replace All was fine but when I did CMD-Z to undo I found that if you do that one too many times (i.e. you undo 6 times when you only found and replaced 5 times) Publisher adds 'ghost text' in those text boxes that doesn't follow any considerations of font, colour, size or any other formatting.

In my test, I was replacing < You > throughout the document with a name (Ed). When I did this then went to Undo one too many times (to change everything back to < You >) these big, unformatted black < You > words appeared in those text boxes. They were hard to select too.


I'll see if I can replicate and upload a screenshot but am at work at the mo.

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Hi Ed A,

I've had a go reproducing what you've described but not had much luck so far, let me know if you do reproduce it and what steps you take to do so.

Were you working directly into a text frame on a page or a detached frame from the master?

Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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Hi Jon,

I can reproduce this every time. The context of this is that, as a newcomer, I am testing out Affinity to hopefully move away from Adobe. We produce customisable kid's books. To test, I opened a PDF in Designer, copied the text from there and paste in Publisher. If I am to re-make our books in Publisher I'd maybe do it properly, but still.

The bug I get though might be what you just described, however. I'm not directly editing a text frame. Nothing is selected. I am just doing a find and replace, though I haven't done anything like apply masters as I am just testing some basics at the mo.

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