Other Topics and suggestions -(checked with Beta - most of them have been addressed already 1-2 years ago. 1) Exporting a document comes up with a dialog. When I choose a format(starting from top to bottom), set my desiered dimensions, choose sampling method and than select a different area my dimensions get resetted. A very annoying behaviour. Even when switching between "object with background" and "objects without background" (will result in the same dimensions) my dimensions are reset.
2) The assistant still does not add a new layer if you start with floodfill on a new document
3) As a general procedure Pressing ENTER or ESC should confirm or cancel a dialog. When I open a crop selection I can confirm the selection with "Enter" but I can't cancel with "ESC"
4) Adding, subtracting to from a selected color
5) Temporarily activation original proportions for unconditional cropping (by pressing the Alt-key)
6) Icon size in layer panel flexible (at least 3 different sizes)
7) Change assigned keyboard Shortcuts for all "brush"-"eraser"-"pen"-"whatevertool" sizes (increase & decrerase) at once - changing that separately for each tool takes ages and is complete over-engineering
8) Saving setting and content for parameter fields and pathes would save much time. Just some exaples:
    - Export preferences (They are continuously back to stupid *.png instead my predefinde personal settings ...)
    - Parameter for live filters (e.g. gaussian blur or unsharp mask)
    - Parameter for fx settings
    - Cropping Mode (setting keeps switching back to useless "unconditioned")
    - Resize method (e.g. bilinear/bicubic)?
9) BUG: Variable is not updated when resizing document (spreadwidth). Open a doc with dimension 5000x5000px resize it to 1000x1000 -> spreadwidth ist still 5000 (Checked in Transform panel) - likely other variables are affected as well.
10) Make the frequency layer separation parameters editable like in live filters
11) A "flatten image" and "flatten group" command for layers would be nice (combining layers in AP is not intuitive and effortless at all!)
12) Help file quite often does not open (e.g. wrong focus, dialog open, cursor in edit field)
13) Metadata Editor (This is a high priority for everyone supplying stock content)
14) Flood Fill with bitmap pattern
15) Exchanging foreground/background color in the tool palette also changes color in a selected vector object. Very confusing.
16) Include a small button next to the fg/bg color circle to reset it to black/white
17) Definition of standard output profile from the develop persona
18) Spiral Tool
19) Extended parameters for vectorial shapes in transform panel (e.g. "radius" for circle/ellipse)
- Multi Layer Selection not possible
- Filling of Objects can't be recorded (color assignment)
- Export of document (including parameter) is not recorded
- For macros it would be good if resizing of a document could be based on a maximum side length regardless if the document is landscape or portrait
- Make conditional decisions available (e.g.: IF (DocHight > DocWidth) THAN ... ELSE ...) Alternatively include some kind of JavaScript language
- Add customizable keyboard shortcuts to dedicated macros

Cheers, Timo