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I seem to have got my export slices and grid 'stuck' to a layer

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Windows 10 Home 1809, Designer

NOTE: Please ignore the export issue in this post. I was put right on that but the grid/guides getting reset is still an issue.

I have a document - attached - where, when I delete the "Backgrounds" layer, the grid is reset to the default and my export slices are deleted.
* loading the document;
* looking at how the grid is set-up (11px);
* going to the Export persona and looking at the export slices (should be 27, not all included in export);
* then go back to the Vector persona and delete the "Backgrounds" layer.
The grid has now gone back to the default and all of the manually-created export slices (named with "slice" and "Icon") have gone.

What have I done wrong? Or, what bit of the functionality am I not aware of?
Surely the grid and export slices can't be 'part of' a layer? That sounds wrong to me.
The slices were created from the rectangles in "Backgrounds" but I don't think the slices should be deleted when I delete the rectangles as the rectangles were only created because the "Add Slice" function doesn't - in my experience - snap to the grid or guides so that was the only way I could create exact slice positions/sizes without a lot of manual work.
Even if there's some odd thing about export slices that I don't know about, I really don't think the grid should be reset when I delete a layer.

On a related note, when I have the original document and I set the "Backgrounds" layer to not be visible in export, items within it still show up in export, which is a bit weird. I've tried all kinds of ways to get the rectangles from showing up in the export - including setting them to invisible individually - but they just won't go away. Might be a related thing, or might be something else entirely, just thought I'd add it.

P.S. After switching off - and making transparent - everything to do with the layers in "Backgrounds", when I try to export the "Icon" slices I can see the icons on the canvas but they're blank in the Slices studio and I just get 'empty' SVGs on export.
P.P.S. Just dragging the "Backgrounds" layer out of the artboard will reset the grid but the export slices remain.


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Added note about export issue not being a real issue.

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Indeed, slices are tied to layers in the way you describe it, as soon as you select a layer in Export Persona > Layers Panel and use the Create Slice command. This is by design, I am afraid. :(:)

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Ah, I see, I seem to have gotten myself in a bit of a tangle coming from different directions and going nowhere.
I've reorganised my layers and the export's okay now and working nicely.
Thanks for putting me right on that.

However, the mystery remains as to why my grid and guides get reset when I delete/move the "Backgrounds" layer.
That doesn't sound like normal behaviour to me, but with how today's been going, maybe it is.

NOTE: I've added a note in my original post to tell people to ignore the export part of the issue.

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Added a note.

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