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Headset concept made with Affinity Designer

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My first try on creating a (semi-)realistic vector-headset. I traced a JBL-headset and made it wireless. The concept of an 'auto-pausing headset' has been going through my mind for a long time: I'd love it when something like that would exist!

Really looking forward to your feedback!
Also on the composition, I'm having trouble putting it all together.


(oh, and apologies in advance for the cheesy marketing-lingo, it's basically just filler...)

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Very nice work.
If you look at it for long enough you can tell that it's not a real object but it looks great overall.
I think the right-hand earcup might need a shadow under it (weaker than the left-hand one) but the whole thing looks very much like a real advert in a magazine.
Lovely stuff.

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Thanks! :D I was very pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to create this with Affinity, even though it's my first try.

I agree with the need for a 2nd shadow, I just couldn't get it right :(  For my blog, I've created a 'hero-image' as well, with a simple gradient behind it:


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Hi gewoonm,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Great work - surprised to know it's your first try! Thanks for sharing.
Regarding the shadow for the foreground earcup just use an ellipsis like you have done for the first one, make sure it's a little bit larger, softer and lighter than the first one (and positioned properly) since it seems positioned a little bit far from the groundplane than the one on the background.

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