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Photo (Mac) Saving Single Image vs. Batch produces different sizes.

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I'm seeing an odd issue trying to use AP to batch process a whole bunch of .pdf files. All the pdfs are the same dimensions and resolution, but when i run through a batch job to open and save them out to a different target pixel dimensions, some pages will end up several pixels out.

If I look at the pages in Preview, there doesn't seem to be anything different about them, or if I open / rasterise them in Photoshop, there's no difference.

If I open the files on their own in AP, choose their native 300 dpi, then go to resize canvas, all of them show a native size of width: 2007px, height 3070px.

BUT if I use batch to process the files, with a target output size of 2007x3070px, some of them will be sized differently by a few pixels in either width or height.

If I turn off all the content layers in InDesign before outputting (so that it's just the background colour of the master pages), then AP batch seems to output a consistent size, so I think the batch process is using a content box of what's on the page, rather than the crop box for the page itself (to use Photoshop's description of rasterising options).

Attached is the file to try it with. It ends up as 2003x3070 when batched to png or any other format, but when opened, it's 2007x3070.

Any ideas for how to get this consistent?


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Hi mattspace,

Sorry for the delay in answering this.  By any chance do you have the Aspect Ratio box ticked on the batch dialog?  Try unticking that after entering the size you need and then process the batch.  That should give you the results you want :)  


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Woot! Much appreciated. :)

Absolutely fixed it - that's an interesting solution, given all the input files canvasses were the same proportions, my gut feeling would be aspect ratio wouldn't have an effect.

Anyway, you've just saved my production process literally hours of work every day. The options I had for processing 260 pages of a document were:

  • an older version of Photoshop, which did each file one at a time, and never used more than 150% (out of 1200%) CPU, or
  • using a macOS Automator action - except the native Mac pdf renderer puts left / right, red / blue fringing on all the text which  doesn't rotate with the file, ie it stays on the screen left and right, when you rotate the document (and it doesn't show up in Safari), and more importantly, it bakes that colour into the page when you use the system libraries to convert to png.
  • Affinity Photo drives all 12 (physical) Xeon cores to ~100% to do the batch in about 10 seconds, but I couldn't get the consistent dimensions - now solved.

Cheers for the fix :)

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