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How do you dismiss sub-tools (Picker, Straighten, etc.) without closing the parent tool?

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Hi all,

I'm assuming I'm missing something really simple, but how do you dismiss, or let go of certain sub-tools?

Two examples:

  • If I activate the Crop tool, then choose its Straighten tool, then decide that a don't want the Straighten tool after all (for example, I decide to just straighten the image by grabbing a corner and rotating manually), I can't (or surely don't see how to) un-choose the Straighten tool. It seems like the only thing I can do is to cancel the entire operation.
  • Same thing with the Picker in a Curves adjustment layer. Once I've clicked on the Picker, I can't get rid of it without closing the layer completely.

I've tried re-clicking the sub-tool, hitting the Escape key, hitting the Delete key (don't do that)...

What am I missing? How do you "let go" of these sub-tools without closing the parent tool?

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Hi Kerwin,

Welcome to the forums :)

It seems right clicking works for the straighten tool but not the curves picker. I will move this to the Feature Requests section.



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Thanks Callum!

I confirm also your two observations: On my computer too, right click dismisses Straighten (cool!) but not the Picker.


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