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Ability to Open/Create Template Files

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I love using template files. Especially for brochures that have common sizes or rulers for folding or for different companies that require different sizes/specs for their layouts.

Unfortunately, right now, Affinity Designer will currently open an Illustrator file (which is great!), but it won't open an Illustrator template file (.ait). It would be wonderful if Designer would 

  1. Have the ability to make template files in the first place and
  2. Be able to open those types of files

I have already made the switch from Adobe to Affinity, but would love if this was an additional option for the Affinity suite (i.e. Publisher being able to open .indt files and create template files).

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I have a workaround for you to try. I am using the following process to use templates in my projects. 

1. Create a file in Designer that you would like to use as a template. Save it somewhere and close the file.
2. Now navigate to the file in your windows file explorer and right click on it -> Properties. In the general tab, under 'Attributes' section you have to check "Read-only". This makes the file from overwriting.
3. Now you can use the same file again and again without recreating the same. 

Hope it helps you :)

And I don't think that Affinity will support Illustrator templates, but lets hope Affinity may include their own template format in the future.

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