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Migrating to Affinity Designer from Adobe Fireworks

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I use a very very old copy of Fireworks for the creation of web graphics and it's time to move on I think. I've spent an hour on Affinity Free Trial and it's nice but I have some questions...

In the help section there's mention of a 'snap to pixels' option but in the export persona, for slices, there's no such tool available - is it perhaps automatically ON in export persona?

When exporting in Fireworks I can select specific colour pixels to be 'transparent' in GIFs - is this not possible in Affinity?

In Fireworks I like that I can view the export file size before I export - so I can make an informed choice on what format and/or JPG quality I need to go for - I can't see how to do anything similar in Affinity?

In Fireworks I can preview how the exported slice will look with my chosen settings - again I can't find any way to do this in Affinity - is it possible?

Thank you!


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Hi ExFireworksUser,

Welcome to the forums :)

There is no snap to pixels option in the Export Persona however it does feel as though it is already turned on when creating a slice.

There is no way to set specific colours to be transparent during export as far as I'm aware I'm afraid.

There is no file size estimate in the Export Persona however if you go to File > Export you will see one.

There is no way to preview a slice before export it should appear as it does on the canvas.



Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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Hi ExfireworksUser,

Did use Fireworks for a short time,  it's deprecated for a long time now and not without a reason.  I would advice you to develop your web design skills.  CSS 3 offers the same possibilities with just a couple of lines of CSS code. Slices are not used anymore! (of course there are all way's some people who do!) I do use Affinity Designer for logo design and vector design and Affinity Photo for images mainly for websites.



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