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Another Scaling problem with Affinity Photo and Second Monitor

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Ok I thought this got fixed with the last update where dialog boxes were not showing up when you added a layers adjustment. Now I'm trying to play with Lighting Adjustments and when I add the lighting filter there are no handles and no way to move or adjust the lighting filter. I don't understand why there is still a problem when using a second monitor and different scaling. Could you please fix this problem so all adjustments and layers work properly when using a second monitor.

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18 hours ago, GabrielM said:

Hi @BluestarCK,

This issue was fixed in, back in August. Are you definitely running the latest version? ( )? 



Hi thanks for the reply, I'm running, I haven't received an update notification for 135. When it happened yesterday I fixed it by going to 100% scaling on both monitors. Today when I tried it, it seems to work with different scaling. Not sure what happened, hopefully it was just a glitch and it won't happen again. By the way how do I get the latest version without notification?

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