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Blend Space CMYK actually as RGB

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The issue I have pertains to color management and why inks will print very heavy and I think I have finally found why a file made in Affinity will print so much ink compared to the file then being exported in Indesign using much less.

The CMYK Blend space is not being honored on the PDF export dialog box:Export.thumb.png.194ed5a4ed238afbe900f411fe834f91.png

Now you see here it is correct. 

We specifically do not embed profiles because our RIPS will apply the correct for the device and wrong ones can confuse the device.

But the color space very much matters. What is happening is that even though it shows CMYK blend space, when examining the file in Acrobat it shows this:


But it should be generic and showing this:


Unless there is something I am missing, I would like to report this as a bug.

In commercial printing Affinity will have to compete and this I believe is where the issue lies for color matching and intensity.

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Hi @Bryce,

This looks like a bug with the normal PDF. For the meantime, if you want the blending colour space to CMYK, you would have to use PDF/X4, which works as expected. 



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You are correct. It does seem to be correct for CMYK but then the profile is embedded. I'll see how the RIP and printers like it. Thanks for finding that there is a workaround while this gets fixed.

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