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[Fixed] Embedded Documents are not exportet

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Hello there.

Why is an embedded document (pdf) not exported unless it is rasterized before?

For more Information:

I had to create a banner with the logos of sponsors. I got them as different types such as jpgs, gifs and one was a pdf file.

I've vectorised most of them in case of their small resolution.

The PDF file was good so I did nothing with it exept to put it on the banner and resize it to its final height and width.

Then I made an export as JPEG where the Logo from the pdf file was missing ??? Why?

Is this a bug or do I have to rasterize embedded documents before export?

Because on the next try I rasterized it and then ... tada ... all logos on the JPEG File.

I tried the same with a new document. I put a PDF File on it and export it as JPEG and the PDF was not put in.

I exported it as a PDF File again and it was also missing?

I tried this with Affinity Photo and Designer too.

Running System Windows 7 PRO

Affinity Version

Jump_Fitness Logo neu.pdf

test jump.jpg

expected result.jpg

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